Sunday, July 17, 2011

july 11, 2011

Yeah, well, I{m eating again. So that{s cool. It{s raining pretty crazy recio right now, so that{s cool too. I didn{t bring my umbrella. Yeah, go ahead and sell her to Aunt Amy. I{ll buy a new car with the money when I get home. Just look for a good car for me too while you{re looking b-c I{m going to need one too. Or maybe I[ll look for one in TX. Or maybe I[ll tell Sarah to look for one for me. I was going to buy another car anyway. I miss pizza and cherries. We ate pupusas and threw water balloons for our 4th of July celebrations. They don{t celebrate anything here. Just Christmas, but really, not that either, they just do lots of noisy firecrackers. That{s not Christmas.
Yeah, tell Aunt Amy it{s fine. No hard feelings. I{m  on a mission, so I{m going to blessed right. Love, Hna Peterson
Tell Christian to get well soon.

Grant wrote: I have very unfortunate news. Your car is lying on it's deathbed.

Merilee replied: Aw man. I thought I{d get at least something for my car. Guess I should{ve sold it before my mission. Oh well, I guess now I have a testimony of spiritual instead of money blessings on my mission. But that{s ok, b-c we can{t take anything with us can we?

We saw a river and a castle today for pday. Very cool.

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