Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 18, 2011 laughing from Honduras

Thursday, July 21, 2011 2:15 PM

Hey Elder Canute, you{re the best. I was wondering if you{d do me a favor and think about drawing the stuff that{s in Revelations 4. It{s not for anything in particular, but your artistic mind would be amazing to try and plot out where God lives. I{d like to get a better visual myself. If you ever have time. So yeah, maybe it will have to wait a little. Sorry your comp was so sick, that{s just like Grant and Christian huh? Well, kind of. I don{t think they got sick b-c of cake.

So I got my changes. My new hija is named Hna Bernardez. She{s from Honduras and she{s black. She{s hilarious. She laughs all the time, and I think this next 3 months is going to be the best 3 months of my mission. I{m pretty stoked. We got in last night and today we started the new study program... That means we are going to have 2 hours every day of comp. study. I thought it would be harder, but it actually makes comp. study really easy. Sweet thing is revelation.

For our time in the cap. we stayed with the mission nurse. We had some good times. There were 7 new sisters and we{re going to be with our newbies for 2 changes, that means I{m going to end in Poptun...that{ll be 9 months here, very nice.

My comp. stole another sister{s fancy planner while we were in the temple. So while my comp. was in the shower, the other sister looked in her bag, and what do you know, she found her fancy leather cover with El Salvador{s temple on the front. Wow. Double pecado stealing in the temple. But at least she got it back. My comp. also stole my favorite grey dress, which happened to be my the only article of clothing I liked. When I asked if she{d seen it she said no, but if it made me feel better, someone stole two of her skirts on the mission. No that doesn{t make me feel better.

Anyway, I cried the whole change conference, so I have no idea what I{m going to do when I actually go home. Hna Urizar went home, she was one of my fav. comps. So I cried about my other comp{s vice, and Hna U going home, and how I only have 3 more months to preach the gospel to all the world. So maybe for my final conference I will be ok and won{t cry at all. Doubt it.

But we{re going to be great. I thought about something Caryn told me a couple years ago, about never ever ever being an hermana, and a laughed a little while. B-c the mission is sure hard, but it{s so worthwhile.

First of all, I{m glad Grant{s trying to get indy into your (josh's) name again. I don{t know how well it{s going to grab, but surely something can and will be done. I am excited to hear about the reunion even if I{m not going.

I know about hard work and the importance of college too. I learned that somewhere in between McDonald{s and milking the goats. Glad you{re enjoying your time, I was pretty sure I had Canute last year and Christian this year, but Sarah told me I was confused, so I{d like a reminder, b-c in the next 3 months I need to buy something for whichever male in our family I have. Love you!!!, Hna Peterson

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