Sunday, July 17, 2011

June 27, 2011...Hangin' in there

Thanks for the strength and pep talk mom. I know sometimes it{s hard to hear the rough times we have, but I know this time is a really good time to grow. I{ve felt really close to my Heavenly Father in the past couple weeks. That happens when we don{t feel like we can talk to anyone else about our trials or how we feel.

I know I can be a stronger person and I really appreciate that my Heavenly Father loves me enough to give me growing experiences. I know He listens to me. The greatest part is that I can hear him in my prayers. That makes me hopeful and gives me more desire to share what I have with the people I talk to every day. It{s rough, but I{ve only got 4 more months right? And if I{m poor now, well, I guess I should get used to it. The people here are really poor.

Thanks for the private letter. It{s nice to know people actually read when I write these ...

Mom wrote....Merilee, are you on?
Yeah, I{m on right now. I have another half hour actually. Well, I don{t know if I need anything really. I{ve got knee highs until I finish. I am working on loading pictures right now, but there are a trillion, so still there are only the Christmas pictures loading, b-c I have a million pics on my camera.

I should probably delete some of them. B-c it takes forever to load them.

Ummm, there really isn{t any news this week. I{ve started putting my money in my bra, but besides sweaty money, that{s not really news. I look forward to the next couple months b-c there are lots of people that need to change their lives and we{re here trying to help them do that.

We made rootbeer floats today. That was awesome. First time I{ve used that rootbeer stuff you sent me forever ago. Thanks. They were delicious.

Thanks for the confidence. We{re working hard during the day, I just get nervous for my stuff at night. I have no idea why she stole my tag, luckily I have 2 more, one from America, and my other from the MTC. Maybe she wants to tell people afterwards I gave it to her. She would do that.

But the good news is, I{ve got a six pack. I{ve never had a 6 pack before. It{s AWESOME. However, like I said, it may not last long after my mission. I{m just enjoying it while it lasts. And trying to hechar ganas a comer. I don{t know why, but eating{s been rough for me these last couple weeks. Cuesta. It should be easy, I{ve been doing it since birth. However, maybe it{s b-c I{m sick of eating the same stuff. If I go anorexic, I could prob. still live until the end of my mission. I hope, b-c I cannot handle any more eggs, beans, platanos, and ham sandwiches every single day.
Yeah, I woke up at 3 am the other morning, and sat there for 3 hours awake and at 4 I watched my comp. go through the stuff on my desk for money. I lock my suitcase with the rest of my money, but if I leave it in my agenda or whatever, it leaves in the night. Or sometimes during the day, when I{m in the bathroom or whatever. So I{ve started putting it in my bra, out of necessity. Yeah, lame.
She{s going home a change early though, that{s my one comfort, she only has 3 more weeks to steal from me. That{s a nice feeling. Just 3 more weeks.
Love you! Merilee

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