Sunday, July 17, 2011

June 20, 2011..trouble in Dodge

Wow, I didn{t know Emily broke her arm. What happened? I{m glad you{ve been keeping busy. Do you think the projects will ever end? I{m sure every one of us is grateful we{re not there helping. Sorry. Just being honest. I know you{d really appreciate help.

Why do all the keyboards here suck? That´s my question. And why does the question mark only work sometimes? Weird. Ok, so I got Hna Cabrera as my comp. again. We were comps in Coban. She´s a picky person. Like the only girl in a family of boys who always got everything handed to her picky. But we´re eating different we´re cooking separate and we should be good. I´ve never done that before, but I imagine that means less rice. Excellent.

I had an interview with my President yesterday. My comp. stole 100 quetzales from me and my mission tag last week. In Coban, I lost 750 quetzales to her. That{s about the same as losing 750 dollars. We get along, we just have serious trust issues. Well, I do, I{m sure she trusts me. It{s hard to teach with someone who is hypocritically not trying to be like Jesus Christ.

My mission Pres. just listened to me, told me to be strong, and that the Lord told him I was the only person he could put her with. So this is her last change. She{s supposed to have two changes more, this and the next, but she{s going home at the end of this change. At least I won{t have her as a comp. again, I feel very paranoid all the time. I don{t like feeling paranoid or scarce on money, but that{s how I feel right now. But only a month more right?

And I cried a lot, b-c I don{t know how to help her, but he just said we{d let the Lord take care of her and to hide my stuff. And we never do district activities, we just stay home b-c she hates elders. So that{s kind of lame, but at the least, we get along and she walks fast. So outside the house we{re alright.t at the least. She told me Thursday if I told Pres. something about her, she would tear my hair out. Hypothetically of course. But yeah, she{s crazy sometimes. Other times, quite normal for a clepto.

Hope the gardening{s going well. CTR. Love, Hna Peterson

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