Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 4, 2011 Merilee's rockin'

Thanks for the 4th of July email. We threw water balloons and ate pupusas for the 4th of July. Happy Birthday Tina and Jim. I{m glad you{ve all got the fencing and gardening bugs. Very nice. Well, bugs, not really, mostly the desires to finish all those projects before I get home. I{d like some apple crisp and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies when I get home. It rained today, so it{s not super hot. I{m all wet b-c as a district we played water balloon drench. Or something more official sounding if you can think of it.

Very cool Canute. Glad you got all that stuff figured out. We have our interviews Friday. We didn{t work much last week b-c my comp. gets migraines. Or she doesn{t drink enough water and it{s hot, so she won{t leave the house. That was rough. So I just read the Liahonas I have and prayed a lot.

We also had a service opportunity with that house of orphans, or abused children waiting to find out where they{re going to live b-c their parents abuse them. We broke rock and shoveled rock...with sledge hammers, shovels and pickaxes. We did it from like 930 to 2. We also ate, so we didn{t work the whole time, but yeah. I was super tired the next day and the day after. I worked hard. My comp. sat on the side. All the kids came and worked and the other 6 elders. They worked hard too. When we went home, she slept for a couple hours and we got in one lesson. So yeah, another productive day on the mission.

I just wish sometimes I could do more to find people. Maybe I{ll train the next change and we{ll get some stuff done. I don{t like being a slacker missionary, but if your comp. won{t leave the house, what can you do? Anyways, if we worked all the time we should be working, we{d get some baptisms. But yeah, right now, nothing. And my comp. doesn{t leave people with commitments. She just says maybe sometime if you want you can go to church. If you want. Pah. That is not a commitment.

Anyway, CTR. I told Grant I had a 6 pack and he said I beat him b-c he only has a 4 pack. I realized I still only have a 4 pack, but the bottom two are ever so close, I just had to tell the people I have 6. Very soon. I can feel it.

I{m hoping I never have to take another math class, but I probably will have to.
Thanks for the confidence. We{re working hard during the day, I just get nervous for my stuff at night. I have no idea why she stole my tag, luckily I have 2 more, one from America, and my other from the MTC. Maybe she wants to tell people afterwards I gave it to her. She would do that.

But the good news is, I{ve got a six pack. I{ve never had a 6 pack before. It{s AWESOME. However, like I said, it may not last long after my mission. I{m just enjoying it while it lasts. And trying to hechar ganas a comer. I don{t know why, but eating{s been rough for me these last couple weeks. Cuesta. It should be easy, I{ve been doing it since birth. However, maybe it{s b-c I{m sick of eating the same stuff. If I go anorexic, I could prob. still live until the end of my mission. I hope, b-c I cannot handle any more eggs, beans, platanos, and ham sandwiches every single day.
Yeah, I woke up at 3 am the other morning, and sat there for 3 hours awake and at 4 I watched my comp. go through the stuff on my desk for money. I lock my suitcase with the rest of my money, but if I leave it in my agenda or whatever, it leaves in the night. Or sometimes during the day, when I{m in the bathroom or whatever. So I{ve started putting it in my bra, out of necessity. Yeah, lame.
She{s going home a change early though, that{s my one comfort, she only has 3 more weeks to steal from me. That{s a nice feeling. Just 3 more weeks. Drink all the Dr. Pepper you can without losing all the calcium in your bones.

Lots of love,

Hna Peterson

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