Monday, September 19, 2011

Sept 19, 2011 Haiya to my Hernia

Thanks for all the updates. I´m sure excited to see all of you in 3 weeks when I get home too. This week was kind of a crazy week. We went up to the capital for the whole week. The thing is my stomach´s been hurting a lot for 2 weeks. So I went up to the dr. to get it checked out b-c I found a lump in my hip area. But he said it was a minor hernia that doesn´t need surgery. And it doesn´t hurt anymore. So we worked for a week in the capital with the nurse and her comps. b-c I had to get 3 stool samples to make sure I don´t have worms anymore.

I got the hernia b-c of some puking after eating unpasteurized cheese in the street. I´m pretty sure, or when we had the miracle rain and I carted a million buckets full of rainwater to our sink. But I´m pretty sure it was the puking b-c my stomach didn´t hurt really until after that. Anyway, Heavenly Father knows why we were there for a whole week. The good news is I don´t have anymore worms and my hernia doesn´t hurt anymore. Very nice.

And well, we´re working hard in Poptun trying to bring others to Christ. We saw some caves today and well, walked a lot. It´s pretty rainy most days out here. The church is true. Love, Hna Peterson


Wow, which room is that bed in? That really does look like a real bedroom. I was planning on working at Fedex this year until Christmas, but I don´t know if that´s a good idea since I just healed from a hernia. So if you hear about any jobs I can do from October 20th to December, I´d like to hear about them. It´s super nice out here right now. 3 more weeks. Love you! Love, Hna Peterson

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