Monday, April 8, 2013

Robot power

Looking away a little too fast. Passing people. Certain people, nobody at all really. I've gotten lazier in my interaction with others. If I don't want to talk, I just don't look anyone in the face for long. Happens in the subway, on the street, in public restrooms, and in airports. I need to work on that. More eye contact. 

I like beans. I like smoothies. I don't think I'd like a bean smoothie, but who knows. I mean, honestly, who could predict apples, spinach, orange juice, berries, and yogurt together could be so delicious? It pleasantly surprises me every time I ingest the combo. Beans are vegetables. Carrots and spinach are also vegetables. Juiiiiiice. See. I will let you know how it works out. 

The weather in Utah Tuesday and Wednesday was beautiful. I went to attend the wedding of my friend Emily. Not only did I visit with Emily and her wonderful family, I also saw some friends and family of my own. It was lovely. I wore my mission shoes, which aren't stunning, but I walked around a lot and they're comfortable so I didn't regret bringing only them. 

I lived with Emily's family for a couple months and her dad brought some jewelry he thought I'd left there. What a great guy! Focusing on me when they had a whole wedding to plan. It wasn't my jewelry, but he told me to keep it anyway. Those at my table distributed some fancy chains, Aztec art, and some bead necklaces. 

Emily, strangely enough, did not want to wear any of the accessories with her wedding dress. She was wearing her grandmother's necklace. It was gorgeous. Pearls and diamonds. That's the way to go. Her dress was beautiful and her eyes glittered with happiness. She was pleased as punch. Love does that sometimes, it punches you in the face. So it did, and she looked great.

At times I get angry with people in commercials. Sometimes big people, sometimes children. It may be when I see the commercial multiple times, I feel more potent commercial anger. The more obnoxious the commercial, the more anxious I feel when watching the commercials.  This is why I appreciate funny commercials. If I am going to have to watch it over and over and over again, it ought to tickle my fancy. Everyone hates being tickled too much. Fact. 

I would add for English practice: "Computers are sometimes designed faultily," she said with a picture sitting behind her computer trashcan. 

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