Friday, August 21, 2015

A poem

Ode to Baldness

If you've met man or beast with a hairy head,
your eyes they have feasted on some heavy bread.
But a bald young man with no mop on top,
has many kinds of talents you have naught to stop.

They can change their face, with the removal of a cap.
On the top of their head, one can tappity tap.
Yet for just one day, I would trow to be bald.
For the strength of resolve it would take all in all.

I'm not a patient person, though I try to be kind.
Ask my friends, ask my family, I'm a little bit behind.
I don't have the fortitude to shave every day.
Not the top of my head; on my legs, hair does stay.

But the shaved, they are soft.
To the face, soft is kind.
Take the cap that is doffed
Oh, the sun, we are blind!

I'm not bound to a guy who is bald every day
when he shaves his sweet face all my troubles fall away.
I am, for your info, super bald on  my feet.
When our feet do the tango, what a treat! What a treat!

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