Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pre-Anniversary Post-

I write this in hopes that it will come out in a timely manner instead of after the fact. Actually, there's little chance of this getting posted Sunday, since we're traveling that day and are cancelling our internet at home- double jeopardy.

Why are we canceling our home internet? We think it is ludicrous to be charged $60 a month for internet. Especially since we only ever use the wifi on Sundays to skype family. It changed over from $30 a month today. So we've decided to forgo this luxury for the time being. Thanks for upping the rates Charter. It gives us some spare change with which to barter for such essentials as food and qtips.

Anniversary of 2 years

Treats- let them eat cake. Or pie. Or waffles. Whichever you have on hand I suppose.
Garden- roughly. It's more of a wisp of the idea of a garden with many flies inhabiting our compost.
Projects- Edwina our fantastic robot and the refrigerator box in our bedroom. How I love that box. And now it's gone. Hallelujah!
Goats- To dream and yet to never live the dream. That's living. With goats, that's living the dream.
Brussell Sprouts- in the microwave
Cans- Food of the future
Movies- If you didn't like them before, you're getting your fill now. You're welcome!

Listed out, this speaks of true love! Happy (late) Anniversary to my one true love!

And Happy (late) Birthday to Emmett Indiana- Who was named after the dog.

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