Thursday, November 27, 2008

Guess what-

I friggin ate dog today for Thanksgiving dinner. It was horrendous. The Korean ladies came out with a bowl of soup and a bunch of little dishes with it. The little dishes had black beans, grass, onions, orange fruit, fruity sauce, and rice in them.

First off, the big bowl of soup was ok, but not terribly appetizing. The lady brought out carves pieces of dog, that looked kind of like ham pieces. There was a lot of fat on them. Then she mixed our sauces and leaves and stuff for us. So we dipped the dog meat and went to it.

We also had metal chopsticks, which is difficult when you are eating steamy food b/c it slips off. I guess I figured all Asian people just eat with wooden ones all the time.

The dog soup was pretty sick and when I first partook of the meat chunks, I gagged. It was gamey and I felt like I was watching the untold version of Old Yeller- the part after he dies. That's all I could think of and it reminded me of the movie "How to lose a guy in ten days". You know the part, when the boyfriend brings out lamb and she gags. Yeah, that's how I felt.

So I tried the little bowls...some of each, and every individual bowl tasted individually rotten and individually moldy. Ehhh. It was repulsive. No offense to anyone who reads this and eats Korean food. Then I tried just sliding it down my throat, that worked ok. The fat made it easier. It was a gamey taste and pretty, overall, unpleasant.

The stuff that wasn't completely repulsive was pretty spicey, so I settled for spicey. It rained today and we saw the Sea of Japan. I got some amazing shells. I packed them in tissues and put them in a cookie box. I hope they make it back to the States ok.

So there it is. My Thanksgiving experience of eating dog. Worse than goat burgers and I've never eaten goat burgers. Also, the hostel we are staying in is a block away from the apartment building we were dropped off at by the cab driver. It has the same address and the same floors and everything. Except we were staying in 2909 and that complex didn't have that apt. number. It was confusing.

Happy Thanksgiving! Love!


Christensen family said...

That was absolutely absurb! Sure did have a good laugh! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Sarah Gessel said...

I guess it's awesome that you tried dog. I wouldn't have been able to do it. But are you sure you haven't had goat burger? I have. We had it at a rodeo with Hope, remember?

Amanda Petersen said...

Wow Mer, you are way more Adventuresome than I am. I guess you've chosen a good name for you blog huh?