Monday, November 17, 2008

Kick stands-

When I go biking, which is not often, I struggle getting out the kickstand. I also struggle with the biking part of biking, as Amy McVey can attest to. I haven't gone biking since that fateful day last spring, but the scars and memories will be with me always.

I am going on a trip to Japan for a week and a half and am leaving Friday. This Friday, at 2:30 in the morning, I am going to start my journey. I will be taking lots of pictures and making millions of memories. I am going with a boy named James I met in Alaska. When I broke up with Jeff, his only question was whether the break up had to do with James or not. I answered in the negative and hopefully put any qualms he had to rest.

I am going to send out query letters this week. I've been saying it for weeks, but really, I don't have anything else to do, so it is happening THIS WEEK. That emphasis was mostly for myself so I'll stop procrastinating and just do it.

It will not be difficult, I just need to get my little buns in gear and do it. My buns in gearing, may not be so little. But I have restarted running, which I need to stay in the habit of doing, but sometimes struggle with. I usually run on days when I do nothing else, so when I tell people I went running that day it sounds like my life is in order, but really it just means I went an uphill mile and did nothing else that day.

I have braids in my hair today and the room I'm typing in is frigid. I therefore am wearing a knitted blanket and look for all the world like Heidi Hockinsmith. She was nice, but yes, it's nice to type in the hidden comfort of one's lodgings.

Tonight at FHE we play dodgeball. I am not very good at dodgeball, but am wearing my running shoes and should therefore improve exponentially in my sports expertise. I also ate dinner at the Bishop's house yesterday. They also had Blake over. Blake is a boy I was kind of interested in who lives in the ward.

He sat by me at dinner and kept nudging me and such. It felt weird. That means I thought I could have a dating break, but really it might be too weird for me and I have foiled my own plans. It's good to know I can't just drop out on life and start from scratch whenever I want, but I didn't know that applied to boys until yesterday. I've never tried it before and now know it is not possible when you still like the boy you broke up with.

I'm sure Jeffy will be relieved to find that out, if I end up telling him, which I prob. will b/c I am not very good at keeping good secrets like that. Especially my own secrets.

I am going to the Polar Express with Blake Thursday and James, but we'll see how that goes. You would think I would be wiser than asking two boys on a date on the same night, but I didn't really consider that a date until my mom told me it was. Blast and double blast. So yes, my plans may be more complicated than I originally planned them to be.


Christensen family said...

Well I will be anxiously waiting to see how your 'double' date goes! Way to go Mer! Keep practicing the whold kick stand thing with the gets easier! Love ya!

Kristie said...

Mer you crack me up. Please don't stop blogging. I love it too much. You life sounds quite fun and exciting (even if you don't approve of that description). Love you bunches!

Sarah Gessel said...

Isn't Heidi Hockinsmith the name of a girl I was friends with in grade school at Daniel Young? Were you trying to imply Heidi, the Swiss goat maid?