Monday, November 10, 2008

Newest possible November news

Here's the thing. It has been a while since I've done anything terribly exciting. So I'll just tell what I've been doing and you can decide for yourselves what is exciting. I went miniature golfing Saturday with Jeff and his friend Tyler Young. Tyler brought Marta, a girl who likes Spartans, on the date. The story behind that is he dressed up as a Spartan and attended her stake Halloween party. She got a picture with him and he got her phone number. Win-win.

We went to Trafalga and played a delightful indoor golf course as teams. I got three holes in one and still got a lower score than Jeff, who is consistent. That only happened because on the last hole it took me 9 hits to get the ball in. It was a hard one! Our team still won. Then we went go-carting and experienced the joy of the batting cages- we got the deluxe pass which gets you golfing, g0-carting, batting cages, 8 tokens, and 2 bowls of dippin dots for 3 dollars more a person. Who knew?

Anyway, the bats were metal and rattled our bones every time we got a hit. Which was often because obviously we all rock at baseball. Then we played air hockey and I dominated. Well, on one of the two games we played. It only went to 7 points, and I'm positive the stupid board was only keeping track of every other point. Stupid table... and I also found out dippin' dots are only good to eat in the summer, when it's hot outside. When it's cold, the dots just hang onto your tongue like alien riders out for a good time.

Oh, and you may be wondering who is Jeff? Well, since he doesn't know the address of my blog, and now he's on facebook, I will fill you in on my latest intrigues with him here.

Jeff is a boy I met at my friend Nathan Pickett's house during the lunch break of this year's Sunday session of General Conference. He was an attractive man and I was interested, but he never got my phone number. So I told Nathan to give him my number the following Thursday and he called me.

It was the first time I've ever given my phone number to a stranger and actually wanted him to call me. We went to dinner and a haunted house and he held my hand. Very sneaky. The next day we watched a BYU game and he sat by me on the luv sac at his house, after some encouragement from me- he sat on another couch and we went to get slushies. At the door before going inside I asked him if he was going to sit on the couch again or if he was going to sit by me. He sat by me.

The next week we went hiking and spending some time together. He kissed me on the hike- our third date- and that was that. That weekend I went with him to St. George, which is where his family is from, and we went wake boarding. I did pretty well for my first time. His family was terribly friendly and I found out they are all madly in love with football. Well, I can support that.

We spend most days together, meaning probably 5 days a week, which is a lot of time. However, since I'm not going to school or working it sometimes tosses me over my personal time limitations. Meaning, I should probably spend some time for myself so I don't get overwhelmed with all the boy time. It's hard to get used to, this boyfriend business. You know?

I'm currently working on figuring out where to send my book and editing the bezees out of it. It has a little way to go, but I feel the closeness of its completion like a light breeze upon my eyelids. The goal is to start sending it out to publishers before Christmas because I'm looking for jobs after Christmas and have lots of time to do it right now. The reason I don't have a job yet; I'm going to Japan for 10 days over Thanksgiving and didn't want to ask my new employers for all that time off at the beginning of my work streak.

Therefore, I am going on a trip in two weeks, watch a lot of movies, and am trying to figure myself out. That is where I stand. I like long walks on the beach and reading benign romance novels and science fiction.

My book's working title is Memoirs of a Playa and is a collection of awkward dating and life stories. I have most of the stories I need, but since I am not quite finished, and am always looking for a good story, if you would like to send me one, I would be delighted to read it and maybe add it in. That last sentence was a long one, wheww.

Yesterday I went to my Uncle Layne's house with my boyfriend Jeff and brother Canute. We had some lasagne and delicious cookies. I also found out my young cousin Alex and Jeff are both Wii pros. Turns out Jeff is extremely competitive. However, he did end up winning his Wii fencing match against Alex, so we left in a happy state.

I am also living in Heber until after Christmas, which is a 40 min drive from Provo. Most days I drive up with my roomie Emily Ward. She is a music teacher at Juaquin Elementary School. We get up at 6 am most days. Turns out it is not a bad time to get up, but most nights I'm exhausted by 10 pm. After Christmas I move back to Provo and will be looking for a job in the recreation field. If I can't find one of those I am moving to Portugal, where my brother Grant is currently serving a full-time mission. Or I might move to Germany, where I have some cousins I could live with.

If none of those things pan out, I suppose I can always go back to school and get my master's in something. Right now I'm doing ok. I don't know what I'm doing next summer, but I'm sure something will come up. It is kind of nice to have a boyfriend. As you all know, I've always been boy crazy and go through guys pretty fast. So I am trying to not be anxious about this one and taking my time with my personal emotional roller coaster. Meaning I'm still on it, but I try to keep most of those emotions to myself. It may not be healthy, but I have a lot of emotions and I don't want to overwhelm anybody else. It's quite enough I share them with myself.

Oh my gosh this is a long blog update. I will make a guess and suppose this is the longest they will get, but I'm pretty long winded, so no promises. Hope you enjoyed it.


Sarah Gessel said...

Ha, ha. I found you.

Amy said...

You're crazy to think that you're moving to another country. Like really crazy.