Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Impending Japan

I am leaving for Japan in two days. Tonight Emily Ward and I go to see Mama Mia and eat dinner. It will be a girl date. Those are nice. No stress there. Woot. Then, when we get home about 9ish, Emily will be going to sleep and I will be figuring what 4 shirts to pack for Japan.

I checked the weather for where I am going, and it will be snowing in Provo, but a balmy 60 degrees in Japan. Very nice Thanksgiving weather. It might also rain, but better rain than snow in November. Can't go wrong with that.

I also hope to find a huge backpack someplace. I was going to borrow Jeff's, but I am an idiot and broke up with him, so ruining my plans. My little brother Canute had a dinky backpack when I checked it out, and dang Gina, mine is small too.

I will be rummaging through my mind looking for people to ask about that in the next 2 days. I might just be traveling light, light. I will be smelly, but my back won't hurt as much as it could.

I sent out the query letters as promised and finished reading a book called Lorna Doone. It was ok, but not as riveting as I would have liked it to be. I need a life. I also picked up a rider from the ride board for Christmas. Funny, he knows Canute, so that will be a non awkward trip. Nice.

I played Dodge ball for FHE Monday and my right side hurts- even though I didn't get anyone out by throwing balls at them. I stink at power throwing. Oh well. Something to work on in future dead months.

I feel like I tripped someone last week or something interesting like that, but I can't place what I did. I remember it being interesting and reportable. However, it could just be ripple effects from breaking up with Jeff, which was like tripping him, but longer lasting.

I feel a distinct ache somewhere deep within myself. I'm not sure if it's because I miss Jeff or if I am stressed about it. That ache could be a stress ache couldn't it? Anyway, I don't like it. I should definitely not be in charge of my romantic affairs. I often put them in fiasco disarray. I should be learning important lessons from this I suppose. Don't date boys and if you do, don't freak out and break up with them after just a month.

I will try to put pictures on this piece blog, but am kind of challenged when it comes to blog pictures apparently. We'll see. Just so you remember what I look like and all. Love and kisses for reading this blog.

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Julie Nelson said...

I love finding all these new blogs!! Merilee I love you! Have fun in JAPAN!