Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Ground-

I saw a funny SNL skit this week. To the Ground, Andy Sandberg, check it out. I stopped watching after the diner with the tazer. So now I don't know if it's dirty or what.

Also, last night, while Canute was talking to a girl online, she had to leave. So she said, "Nobody leave, I'll be right back." Canute, Christian, and I ducked under the table. My dad went over to the computer. When she called, instead of saying hi, Canute was gone, he answered with some shpeel about a mortuary. She was really confused and he just kept going. Obviously she had just called us, so she wouldn't believe it, but the joke went on. Canute and I were crying under the table at the absurdity. Finally, when we couldn't take it anymore, Canute got up from under the table and talked to her. So funny.

Today we took him to the airport. We couldn't park in terminal B because it was full, so Canute was dropped off with Christian and I parked in terminal A. I just barely missed the red bus, I saw it pulling away as I walked outside, and had to wait a good 15 min. to catch the next one.

When I got to the correct terminal, I said goodbye to Canute and we watched him for a couple minutes in the quarantine room. Then we felt dumb, so Christian and I left. However, even though I'd written where my car was on my hand, I couldn't find it. After 10 min., we found the car, and then we got to the guard gate where you pay up. $4 please. "$4?" I said. Weren't we only here an hour? "Nope," she said. "You were here an hour and one minute." STUPID!

Then she asked, "Are ya'll a couple?" Curse my being slow. I said, "No, he's my brother." Instead of being hilarious and saying yes and getting an awesome response. MAN! Next time.

Also, I just remembered one day at school..in sixth grade. My jacket had a syringe in the pocket for goat vaccinations and I freaked out thinking someone would think it was mine, used for drugs. So I gave it to my teacher. I looked like a drug addict when I was a mousy bookwork 6th grader for sure. I just didn't want it in my pocket for one of those frequent middle school drug searches. You know?

I remembered b/c there's a knife on the table by my keyboard. Grant, the handsome one, was always getting chased by girls. One time, at recess, Grant was being chased and he was wearing one of our prize filled coats. He pulled out the first thing he found in the pocket, which happened to be a knife. I think he got detention for that one.

I may drive for the Olympics in Vancouver b/c it's taking so long to get my last mission interview, so if you hear something about that, don't be too surprised.

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Amanda Petersen said...

First of all I love that SNL skit. My Favorite part is when his girlfriend hands him her phone and says it's his dad. Classic! Also I love how random you are! I've always loved that about you! So when do you get your mission call? I'm getting anxious....also did you get Missy's email? Her baby is adorable!