Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bet me-

Have you ever heard that twinkies are ageless? Bet me that twinkies are indestructible. Bet me that twinkies are invincible and I will show you this picture of a moldy twinky.
Or rather a whole box of them.

Just so you know, according to reliable sources, if you cut out the mold spots, you can't even tell it's a bad twinkie. I'll try to remember that when there is no other food on earth. But hey, apparently twinkies aren't as eternal as we all thought.

I just wanted to post some appetizing pictures on my blog. A couple moldy twinkies and my clean as magic toenails. I know, best blog post ever.

Look how similar these two pastel pictures look to each other, yet how different. Who could imagine beauty in any other format?

Oh, and Aman- I saw a couple Missy baby pictures. He's adorable! Also, for those of you wondering about my mission call, my update is pretty lame.
I talked with my branch president again. We had a second interview, similar to the first. He asked me if I was sure I was supposed to go on a mission. He wanted to know if I was certain it was the Spirit telling me to go on a mission, or if it might've been Satan. I told him I'd like to think I could discern the two from each other by now and I couldn't imagine Satan telling me to go on a mission, but it might possibly have been him.
So we went through the mission questions. He asked if I was sure I was supposed to go. He asked if I knew what I'd do with my life if I didn't go. I said I was sure I could think of something. He asked if I had any reason for urgency..he's noticed I'm getting antsy. I said no, but I didn't want to live with my parents the next six months. I said I wanted to move on with my life and if I wasn't supposed to go on a mission and my stake president knew that, he should tell me instead of waiting to schedule and appointment with me.
He said they all know I need an appointment. The clerk actually told me not to call him anymore because he knows I need an appointment with the stake president. My dad asked the stake president about it Sunday night when my brother was getting set apart and he said I was on the radar..whatever that means.
My brother said if he had that many obstacles for any decision he'd made, he'd rethink his decision. He said maybe I wasn't supposed to go on a mission. I mean yeah, it's been six months, maybe I'm supposed to do something else.
So I've decided to wait for my stake president to call me in for an interview and in the meantime..I've also put in an application to drive buses for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Wouldn't that be great? I'd be there Jan 18-Mar 30th or so. Then I could go on a mission, or move on with my life. So that's my current plan.
Also, as a funny story to end up my branch president interview, he asked me like 10x whether I was worthy to go or whether I had any "loose ends" I needed to tie up. Or anything that would make me unworthy to serve. I couldn't think of anything, but he asked me with such intensity, so many times, I figured there must be something he knew about that I didn't know. I had no idea what it was.
So I asked him what the definition of heavy petting was, because I wasn't sure what it was, but maybe since I hadn't known I could have sinned in ignorance. So he specifically told me what it was and I was like, "Nope, I'm good there." Wow awkward, but now I know for sure I'm alright and there isn't anything I have done that would make me unworthy to serve the Lord. If anyone has questions about that, go ahead and ask me. I'll clear everything up for you.


TPlayer said...

I can't believe you just publicized all that. You are hilarious. By the way...other people's lack of planning an appointment is not a real "obstacle." When you are 40 yearsold do you really want to look back and think "I dind't go on a mission because my stake clerk didn't pencil me in." I love you enough to tell you that's lame, Mer, super lame! I'm glad you have a plan. That is step #1. Things will work out as they're supposed to. In the meantime just keep doing the things you know you should. I'd say focus on preparing to go to the temple, you KNOW you'll be doing that eventually one way or the other, right? Win win

Hebbs said...

You crack me up. But really that is crazy you bishop asked if it could be Satan... Well isn't anything good of God? It is not from Satan but maybe it's not the right thong maybe it is. You will know. Your great and keep on keepin on. And chris will see you on Vancouver!

Amanda Petersen said...

Okay I love your stories...and I love how you asked for the definition of certain terms. Love it! I'll be sure to let you know if I have any questions :) Also Mer I don't think you should doubt your decision to go on a mission. You prayed about it and felt a confirmation, that should be enough for anybody. If it's supposed to happen it will. I love you!