Sunday, November 15, 2009

Slammin toenails-

I just edited my toenails. They looks awesome. I will post a picture on here later. I was pretty bored Saturday morning and that's what I ended up doing, instead of Visiting teaching, which is what I had previously planned to do but had forgotten about.

Sorry if I complain a lot on my blog. I realized I do that a lot and from now on will try to have uplifting posts. Try.

Saturday afternoon I drove Christian up to the Peterson house in Kansas City. Christian went with Neal to a Jayhawks game. Emily, Sally, and I hung out at home and made a quick visit to the mall. I think Emily was expecting me to contribute more to the shopping part of our trip, but I've never been a huge shopper.

It was cute to see Sal so excited to go shopping with her mommy though. They are sure to have many happy shopping excursions together in future years. When we got home, and a little before we left, Sally had us set up for a picnic. She even included me in the setup, which was done previously.

She poured the milk, sopped up spills, washed her hands, and even rode the xylophone. We had some good times for sure.

After Neal and Christian came home, we had a sumptuous feast- lasagna in a crockpot- and played Blokus. Since we're a pretty competitive family, Emily was resistant at first. The first game I dominated, but Christian and Emily tied the next game, so I don't think she dislikes that game as much as she used to. Maybe.

We completed the night watching the ending of Waterworld on t.v. and eating ice cream. It was quite nice. Then I came home to Canute playing some dragon game at home. He's going to miss those pointless computer games when he's on his mission. Apparently he's logged 60 hours time on that game and he's only 40 percent finished with it. Ridiculous. And how.

It was rainy outside today. I think Sunday is the day for it, since it has rained the past five Sundays in a row. I only know that because I have to drive to Belton for temple prep class, it's an hour away, and it's always crappy outside for my adventure drive. Speaking of temple prep, I gotta go.

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Sandy Brunson said...

I love blokus! I'm pretty competitive too. So is my husband. Sometimes it works out okay and other times not. He usually wins at blokus when we play the 2 person travel version. If we play the full 4 person game it's a little more even of a competition.

And it snowed here. Enough to need to shovel the driveway. Jacob did it while I was at ward council this morning.