Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 16, 2010

I don´t know if I sent you an email last week. Maybe I didn´t b-c you sent me two of the same one as the week before? Or maybe because I didn´t have much time b-c I checked my hotmail and mom found out I was I had like 3 seconds to check my hotmail and I didn´t even get to talk to anyone b-c my time was gone. (Editor's defense...I was trying to hook Merilee up to Sarah on "instant messaging" online...and this is the thanks I get?)

Thanks for the news... I miss those awesome snowcones of yester years. I love pirate day. I hope he talked like a pirate for you. I got a haircut this week. Now I have bangs and it´s a little shorter, but not short..but I´m starting to realize long hair is hot and heavy. So maybe this won´t last for long.

We have lots of roaches here. I think we´ve been doing well about killing them, but really, they´re still all over when we come home..but the great thing is, they´re usually little. Which is great, b-c I usually scream about the huge ones and Hna G just rolls her eyes.

Changing from my trainer was awesome! She was a great trainer, but she didn´t like talking to new people, which is our proposito and I didn´t know Spanish very well. And she had crazy mood swings. You know what I´m talking about. So yeah, now I have two comps, but Hna C is leaving and Hna G has crazy mood swings too. So boo for that. I´m a little nervous about being in a comp with just Hna G, but so is the mission..

And I think I have a peanut allergy. B-c this week I had a chocolate and peanut covered banana and had a hard time breathing after. Later I had a peanut, just to test it and the same happened. So I´m nixing peanuts, which is crappy b-c I love peanut things.

I had just bought peanut butter, peanuts in salt and lime, coated peanuts, peanut butter bon bons and mr. goodbars were waiting in the mixed chocolates I had bought...for the Mr. Goodbars. Lastima. So my comps bought most of the stuff off me and have been eating peanut butter bon bons all over the place in front of me. Boo. So no more snickers for me. What a crock. And no more nutter butters. Double crock.

So that allergy news is all I´ve got really for the week. And I´ve been thinking about getting an allergy test when I get home from my mission. Oh, and a ward member told us a great face treatment for wrinkles is to wash it with urine. I wonder which is worse, to wash your face with urine every 15 days or to have wrinkles.. I think I´ll maybe stick with the wrinkles. Love you so much. The church is true! Love, Hna Peterson

It´s really hot here. This week was hot, last week, and it´s rainy. Here, really rainy. We´re emailing a little earlier this week, and I wrote most of the news in my other email. About having a peanut allergy. How horrible. I tried a peanut one day this week just to see and I´m pretty positive it´s that. Inconvenient, b-c now I have a jar of peanut butter burning a hole in my suitcase I bought last week, to go with the cocoa for those nobake cookies.

And we get snickers for our birthdays from the mission president´s maybe I´ll include something about that in my letter to the president this week. B-c I don´t think I could handle the temptation.

So I´m staying away from peanuts and I´m going to have an allergy test when I get home. I don´t know if it´s really expensive..probably is. I don´t know if I need insurance, or if it would just be the same to get it without insurance, but know I´m planning to get one when I get home and maybe ask around for tips or places I can get one. I know, a year is a long time from now, but keep it in mind.

My hair´s looking good, but it´s hot and it´s heavy in a pony tail. So I don´t know if my long hair will last. We have lots of new investigators and not many old investigators. All our investigators know they need to change and don´t have any desire to do it. Boo. We saw a video about forever families for a lesson yesterday and my comps and I cried. Thanks again for the package.

I tried making brownie pancakes again and it just doesn´t work. But I had a sugar overload when eating the load of half cooked batter I ate afterwards. Even with banana. Banana pancakes are delicious however. Just put banana in the batter with your pancake mix. Always a good idea. And french toast is excellent. Glad you had fun at Yellowstone!

My comps are working at feminizing me.
They made me start lining the bottoms of my eyes with liner and they paint my nails weekly...they do theirs once a day. Not kidding. But my nails look awesome! Not long, just look great. Also, my hair´s getting really long and I think I want to cut it. It´s frizzy here and looks terrible. I feel like Rapunzel. Any tips? I know, I´m not here to impress people, but I don´t know what to do with it and I don´t trust anyone here to cut it.

Also, I miss the blueberries of Alaska. There´s tons of fruit here, but my comps never want it and they always say it´s too expensive when I try to buy it at the I buy it when I can. Also, we picked tons in AK b-c we didn´t have many origional ideas about what to do with our time and we loved making blueberry crumb cake. Mmm. Maybe you could make it. Remember the sour creme coffee cake in the orange book at home? just put blueberries in with it. Delicious. Maybe you could call home and get the recipe. Mmmm

I was going to tell you to read Orson Scott Card, but if you´re reading the Wheel of time you´ve got plenty to read. I read OSC lots in Alaska b-c I love his books. I just started reading Jesus the Christ. Also a very cool book. I heard it´s hard to read...but so far, in chapter 2 I´m doing ok. I guess we´ve read a lot in our family and the books are necessarily easy reads. Maybe it´s pride. I´ll let you know when I´m deeper into the reading.
Sending love from the "deep" south, Merilee

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