Sunday, August 29, 2010

July 26, 2010

Thank you so much for the package. I got it this week. I will love the brownies and the drink mix. I enjoyed the pictures. we didn´t have water for two days, so we had to boil it and the only reason I could drink it was because I had those drink mixes. Bad memories of weird tasting boiled water in russia. Thanks mom!

I don´t need any more stamps b-c I think I forgot to tell you the office elders said pouch changed and we have a different system. so I can´t use USA stamps like I thought. So I´ll probabaly send them to Grant so he´ll write me.

also, thanks for your testimony and all the news. we´ve taken some pictures, but I don´t have time today to send them.

My comps told me they think I´m tired all the time b-c I take a multivitamin and sometimes a vitamin c. Especially right now b-c everyone has a cold here. La grippe. I don´t know. Do you take a multivitamin every day too? B-c our dad always sleeps and he loves vitamins. They said the extra vitamins make you really tired. I don´t know, but I know I need to be healthy somehow and I don´t eat balanced enough meals to make it on my own. I don´t think. I don´t know.

Yesterday everyone was watching soccer and the streets were silent except for the cheering coming from houses filled with people. So yes, I knew the cup was happening, but it didn´t really effect our work..b-c it was Sunday and we had some appointments.

thanks for the summary. sorry, the caps on this keyboard is sticky, so the caps in my email will be out. sorry. anyway, i´m glad to be receiving regular updates from my family. Thanks.

it´s good to know the garage and neal´s house are getting worked on and emptied. I´m sure after a year of that I will be pleasantly surprised to enter it. I´m glad you got rid of those 4 boxes of paint clothes. i´m sure they hadn´t been used in years.

i´m glad to know also the garden is looking healthy. Woot. Way to go family. Also, way to go Dad for inviting your fellow teacher to church. You´re doing your missionaries and the lord proud.

Today was pioneer day and we had a capital city activity with Pres Torres. we had a lot of fun and a lot of rain, so we tried to make do. i took like 4 pictures. Sorry I´m a picture slacker. to be attached at another time. this week we had a seminary for a couple of us. there were 8 sisters and about 20 elders. We didn´t do much other work during the week, but the seminary was a good reminder of what we should be doing during our lessons. like kneeling when praying and inviting people to be baptized after every lesson.

I will try and remember everything we´re supposed to be doing. We also need to talk more. I´m getting into a rut of not wanting to talk to people. it´s a bad rut, b-c that´s our whole purpose. I love my companions. we get along well most of the time and we have a lot of fun.

Love you! Hna Peterson

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