Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 2, 2010

Grant, Do you have canute´s address? my comp wants to write him. She´s like 5 ft and from nicaragua, but she´s amazing, so i think i´d like his address to give to her. i would love her to be my sister in law. Plus any excitement we can get, right?

i decided last year i would choose to like doing dishes. Because nobody likes doing dishes and they´re so much easier if you clean them as you go. So I´ve decided that and it makes life so much better for everyone. Remember growing up, there were always dishes and mom always got mad about it? People always get mad about dishes. So you could maybe try that. B-c if you are the one who likes to do dishes, it´s not a big deal, b-c you like doing dishes.

i think the flight of the conchords are hilarious and yes, you would have a similar style if you and Canute made some movies together. Please do.

Pioneer day was cool. We had lots of tug of war, water balloons, rain, raw hamburgers, and good times. Oh, and I won the donut on a string eating contest. Also, I realized again how cool some elders are .. and those elders, well, maybe one day. Maybe when I get off my mission I won´t be terrified of making a bad decision about boys for eternity. now though, now I´m trying to talk to people. Sometimes it´s hard. But i banter with the spirit and then eventually talk. I know, we´re supposed to be easily entreated, especially by the spirit, but sometimes, and now it´s more frequent, I just don´t want to talk to anyone.

Wow, sounds like the house is changing for the best. Way to serve others and keep the work moving along.

I´m glad Josh Clarke is helping out so much, but why again... And wow, I saw Christian´s schedule and was shocked out of my mind at all the genius classes he had. AP English with Dr. Carter was great. Why didn´t he want it? Oh, english last year? Right, or was that history? I don´t remember.

This week has been good, but yes, ordinary. I had a dream I was going home from my mission and then I wasn´t and I was really sad. Weird, b-c I don´t want to go home. Also, I had another dream in which I was killing orks. I was using a machete but it wasn´t very sharp. I have a very vivid memory of chopping at the neck of an ork and nothing was really happening.

I guess that´s what happens when you don´t have much excitement during the day, you dream about excitement. Mommy, thanks for the package..again, I wouldn´t have drunk the water without those drink mixes. Also, my comp had a visitor at church b-c she´s from the capital and the visitor brought her a suitcase, new shoes, and a chocolate cake. Thank goodness for mothers.

I heard someone new here is the primary president and I thought of you. Also, I thought maybe if you get the chance to send some basketball shorts that would be awesome. I haven´t seen any here and usually I exercise in my Christmas pants, but I roll them I think shorts would be more useful. I haven´t seen any here. And I didn´t bring any. But just something to put on the list.

Thanks for the love and the prayers. Have fun at Yellowstone and tell everyone hi for me! Love, Hna Peterson

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