Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 9, 2010

I haven´t seen either of those two movies....Muppet Wizard of Oz, or Inception..but I´d like to. Grant, put it on my list of movies to see when I get home. I will also need a detailed summary of how the Inception movie works. Please type it up for me and I´ll read it before I see it. Jim, it´s been a while. Glad to know you´re all still alive.

Wow, if you´re going light this year you truly are a genius. I don´t know if you will have any free time.

Christian, with Calculus, Physics and Pre-AP Chemistry, Seriously though, you think you´re going light or you´re kidding me...You´re kidding me right?ç

I ate at pollo campero today and thought of´s like a Guat. Wendy´s. Or McD´s. Hola. How are things going with you and the parent projects? I hope you don´t have excessively much to do. I was going to attach some pictures today, but I don´t have time again. Oops.

Also, Mom, thanks for the package. I got it! Woot! Thanks for the cocoa. Unfortunately I got a lot of stuff covered in cocoa. Oops. So I have the zip and the other stuff, but I don´t know if it will work with all the cocoa. I also don´t know what the thing...looks like a band of stuff with stuff in it.. Is it a face mask for headaches? I don´t know. I had to wash it b-c it had cocoa all over it and now I don´t know if it´s still ok

The exciting things that happened this week are- my comp stepped in a huge pile of dog doo...hah! And my other comp opened her hair conditioner in the store bathroom today and it exploded. Not even kidding. Everywhere, all over her dress and the floor. Oops.

Yesterday it was a torrential downpour. Not cool. Plus, there were oceans of water in the streets and we had to walk through it to our ward meeting- which we weren´t needed at because they didn´t ask about the work, they just talked about stake conference and the youth conference next year. I did get a sweet umbrella though, it´s heavy duty and double reinforced for 50 Q. Very cool.

Hope your August is turning out to be as great as mine. The church is true.
Love, Hna Peterson

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