Friday, May 3, 2013

My beautiful memories-

So here's something.  My parent's house burnt to the ground last night. Today the embers are smoldering it all to nothingness. The only thing our trampoline, complete with teal rubbermaid slide. Thank goodness that was untouched.

The things I left in my parents' house for safekeeping until I grew up:

1. Any art I ever did
2. My little ponies
3. Trolls
4. 20 years of journal writing
5. a bronze cherub miniature
6. a bronze medusa miniature
7. The legless ceramic man on his inner tube
8. A 8"glass mermaid panel
9. My birth certificate
10. Some souvenirs
11. Not a big deal

Most of that stuff is pretty minor. I know at least three years of journal writing in high school just said what I'd eaten that day. Posterity won't miss out on that much.
The good news
1. It is summertime now.
2. The goats are ok.
3. All the stuff I own is already here with me
4. Lots of the junk accumulated over the years, that wouldn't have been cleared out for a while, has disappeared.
5. Nobody was in the house
6. The trampoline and slide are unscathed
7. We know what our house looks like burned down
8. Any physical evidence of my childhood weirdness has also vanished
9. Christian scanned and posted a million old pictures of us, so until the Internet stops working, we have access to all of them. Thank goodness all those nerdy photos still live.

The morals of this story are: 

1. It gets crazy hot in the summer in MO. 
2. When you have full-time missionaries in the field your blessings come in disguise. 
3. Lots of people love our family. 


Brooke Evans said...

Oh, my gosh, Merilee. That's awful. Way to have a great attitude. We'll say a prayer or two for you guys.

Lisa C said...

I am so sorry!

Iamnotwhoiam said...


RandyP said...

Merilee, we won't have to turn on the attic fan.