Thursday, May 16, 2013

There's a snake in my boot

I found a rattlesnake in my shoe. Figuratively. It's those darned chocolate chocolate chip cookies I brought to work. They were just chilling there on the table and man they're good, so I ate some. Now I feel like a chocolate chocolate chip cookie myself. Very nice. 

I've been busy. Busy is as busy does. There are lots of different activities for me to participate in. It's nice outside and I am enjoying the summer feel for now.

This has been a busy week for me and I have much to do still. Life is beautiful. Speaking of beautiful things, I've realized I know a lot of beautiful people. Good job people- taking care of your faces and your selves. And your souls. I know it's hard to do and you all make a valiant effort. Nicely done. 

I just bought a straightener for my hair. For $20 in a sweet Mother's Day sale. The code: HAPPYMOTHERSDAY  This pleases me. Supposedly this straightener doesn't damage your hair. How is that possible? I don't know, but wouldn't that be sweet? I have been trying hard to keep my hair from fraying, breaking, and frizzing. Conditioner, product, soft handling. I think you know what I mean. 

I'm supremely blessed. Just thought I'd toss that out. My family is fabulous. We get along and we have some strong personalities. I know lots of rock stars in and out of my family though. It's a nice feeling to know such a grand group of special people from all over the world. 

I played soccer again last night. It's always strange to remember how great soccer is and to wonder how I can get out of the habit so fast. I'm getting better at soccer. I must be. I was pretty bad before I got so good. 

I didn't post anything on Mother's Day, but I'm thankful for my mother. She whipped us- Indiana Jones style- into the hard workers we are today. I'm proud to say it wasn't easy to become this awesome. Thanks mom. I'd have to say both my parents drilled the importance of service and friendliness into my inner core. So I'm not perfect, but having goats gets you a lot closer.  

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