Friday, May 10, 2013

Some pictures-

Some more pics of my boyfriend Charles. Aman, these are for you.

I've been chilling this week. I tried to give blood, but they wouldn't let me. Rude. Apparently I currently have an irregular heart beat. The lady taking my stats was really worried about it. I got it checked out by my dr. this morning with an EKG and blood tests, but so far I'm healthy as a horse. I mean, last weekend I ran 16 miles. How healthy could I possibly be?

I'm also helping with the Special Olympics Saturday; that's about it for my good deeds this year. Ask me in another 12 months if you have any service opportunities. Honestly I love doing stuff like that, so I should be better about finding those activities. There's a new site called that is really helpful in finding cool stuff like that.

I need to stop eating junk. I just love cookies and sweets too much. I have never really liked chips though, that's been nice.


Amanda Petersen said...

Ha ha...thanks Mer! I appreciate the extra pics for my sake. Handsome young man you have there! You make a darling couple. I'm SO SO sorry about your parent's house. That is devastating. We'll keep your family in our prayers. It was SO good to talk to you the other day. I love you and hope you have a fabulously fun summer:) Keep me posted:)

Michelle Glauser said...

Found your blog through your FB page and smiled when I saw that you're a fellow cookie-lover, chip non-lover. I can't stop with the cookies and when I get stressed out, the first thing I want to do is bake a batch of cookies and eat most of them myself. :)