Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's snowing-

It's not, but at gun practice last week my scalp got sunburned. So now my hair looks snowed on. That's the nice way to mention dandruff. Most people like the idea of snow, even if they don't like actual snow.  It has melted a bit, but there are still a couple flakes hiding out. As long as they hide and don't come out until I'm alone and can monkey them out. Then they are a-ok. 

We couldn't have actual snow here because in Dublin, close to San Francisco, it is currently 76 degrees F outside. That's 76 degrees fabulous to you. Nothing wrong with being in the 76ers club, it's a nice place to chill. If you call that chilly. 

Speaking of chilly, Russia is chilly. Who is from Russia? Dostoyevsky? Yes, that's right. His book The Brothers Karamazof is still only halfway read. I will try powering through it. Then I can return it to its rightful place at the Doxey residence and check it off my Goodreads list. 

What things am I looking forward to this summer? I'm glad you asked

1. Strong Reunion on the Oregon coast
2. The smell of summer
3. Mangos
4. Being Whitney's roommate
5. Birthdays
6. Finding out what happens when Rand finally goes crazy- #WheelofTime
7. Eating lots of cream cheese with raspberries

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