Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Checking out San Luis Obispo

Charles and I went to San Luis Obispo last week. 

1. After passing a group of youth, one of them called out "You'll have a beautiful baby." I don't know if they were talking to us, since I didn't turn around. It didn't occur to me they might have been until about 2 minutes later. I could have turned and said thanks. So I'll do it now. Thanks. Or she could have been saying it to her friend. In that case, congrats to her. Or was she saying I looked pregnant? If I could be sure I'd find her and make her pay a rudeness tax.

2. Driving to Pismo beach Friday afternoon, I looked over to see a white billy goat crammed into the back of a tiny car. I admit it, we took our goats around in our car when we had them. However, this goat was crammed into the back seat with his head crammed into the driver's seat. Let me draw you a picture... It obviously doesn't do the goat's cramped position justice. I wish Charles had seen it. He loves goats.

                  -       ''''     ?            -
                -         O  |      / \\       - 
--------------    \  ---|  |  ( )\ --  -     -------------
\\                       __\          \_ \_                     //
 //             ----                   ----                       \\
------------           --------           -----------------
               -  0  -              -   0   -
                -----                 -----


3. Sand crabs are vicious but our feet are so soft.

4. Walking to lunch we were behind two ladies in spandex. An hour later, walking back to the car, they were again right in front of us. Weren't so sneaky, were you, spies.....

5. We booked our hotel on Priceline for $50 a night. Unfortunately, since we didn't specify we wanted a No smoking room and they were booked fully for the weekend, we got a smoking room. That means we were assailed by noxious fumes every time we walked into our room, and sometimes in between. We brought a glade spray in from the car and sprayed it intermittently. Perhaps Febreze would have worked better.  I see their braggy commercials every day.

6. Professor Plum's shifter again went out. $680 later, we have decided to get a different car. Maybe a newer car would be more loyal to us and not demand loads of money to be dropped on it at all times.

7. The Lord loves us because we could have been stranded far from home, but the shifter went out 2 miles from our mechanic's shop.

8. Watched Captain America. Loved it. Loved seeing it for $4 on a Tuesday at 7 pm.

9. Am still wondering why there are always shoe marks on the toilet in my workplace bathroom. You're not supposed to stand on the seats people, you're supposed to sit on them. Get a seat cover if you want to feel safe. I'll bet if you fell off your toilet perch you would get mightily injured.

10. Just ate rice, sushi, and salmon for lunch. Feel quite tired. I thought it was the gluten, but I guess I was wrong.

11. I haven't yet made Easter plans, but in my dream last night we had a church primary program. The kids were everywhere, the congregation was small, and we weren't very prepared. I mostly experience dreams set during church or school. I have many where I can't remember my locker combination.


Rach said...

When I was an RA in the dorms, there was totally a guy who stood on toilet seats and broke them in the boys half of the dorms. One of the boy RA's finally tracked him down...turns out in China they squat over in-ground toilets and the dude didn't realize he wasn't supposed to continue squatting on above ground ones.
Also there was a different guy that has a serial shower pooping problem. That one was gross. I was really grateful to be dealing with girls' bathrooms that semester.

Rach said...

HAD not has! I am sure he stopped pooping in the showers after we put up signs warning against it (best signage ever, haha)