Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Let's bee serious

Inspiration is of a white page. 

Rag suspends dirt in the saying of the word.

I clipped my stitches off myself yesterday with fingernail clippers. It took 20 seconds and incidentally saved me $20. In fact, if you need your stitches out, call me. I'm a real expert. You could say I'm an expert expert.

Eating spaghetti squash is just like eating spaghetti. Same. Except maybe healthier.

Our bedroom window lets in every noise possible from the outside. Apparently, our bathroom window lets in bees.

When I got home from work yesterday, Charles wouldn't let me in the bathroom. He wasn't wearing any outer clothes, which surprised me when I later learned what he was hiding from me. Since he was in the bathroom, taking care of a surprise, I glanced over at the computer and read "Eat them." Naturally I was curious about what was to be eaten, since from his brother's comment, it sounded like he was talking about insects.

I then scanned the status, not noting who wrote it, to make sure the stranger hadn't been instructed to eat cockroaches or ants. Turns out he had a bee problem and wanted to take care of it before his wife got home. What a lame wife, scared about bugs in her bathroom. Then Charles came out of the bathroom and freaked because I was reading his Facebook...which helped me realize I was the lame-o and the bees were my surprise. Who eats bees? Who corrals bees in their underwear?

I was shown the three bees flying around in the window. Then we were about to leave, and he said something about no less than 9 bees being in the bathroom. I thought he was kidding. Not really 9 bees? Yes, let's go back. I'll show you. So I looked into the tub and saw 6 dead bees. Then we looked in the window crack and saw 6 more bees. Poor bees. We swept the ones in the tub into a dustpan and placed them outside. I think they're still there, which is sad because bees are important, useful, and needed.

Anyway, I consider dramatics my coping mechanism and admit that finding 12 bees buzzing around in their bathroom most certainly would put any person, especially Bonnie, into hysterics. Except they were mostly lying dead, which was just sad. I hope they find their way out.  One of those in the sill was waking up and getting active during my shower this morning. I got out as quickly as possible.

 On a different note, we had a service opportunity this Saturday. We took pictures of headstones and compared the names on them to a list the cemetery had. It was great. We had a lovely time and ate many snacks. Also, here's a picture of me on Ward Drive.

This last picture is of a suspicious envelope Charles saw on the pavement by our apartment as he was getting out of his car. This seems to be a confirmation of our suspicions that many such envelopes are exchanged on the street corner by our house. I told him he should have ground it into the pavement so it couldn't be used by anyone who found it. He said he'd do that next time. Oops.

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