Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Frankenfinger

Last Saturday Charles and I went paint balling. We went with our friends Meghan and Justin with a groupon. I found out a couple things that day.

1. Getting hit in the head once, and also 4x by paintballs is intensely painful.
2. Paintball is an expensive hobby.
3. Groupon can save you lots of money for your expensive hobbies- $25 each instead of $60.
4. I'm a little trigger happy.
5. When it's broiling hot outside and you layered against injury, you should bring water.
6. Don't leave your extra half bag of paintballs on the table, little felons will steal them.
7. It isn't wise to try and sneak off your field using the empty one next to it when another group is about to go in. You will get caught and have to walk all the way around again.

I got stitches for the first time today. Five of them. Pete took a picture of us, but it wasn't flattering, so I'm not going to post it. You know what I look like.

It happened as I emphatically cleaned my Cutco spreader this morning. It still happens to be in the sink, since I looked inside my finger and saw China. After that, I called my sister who luckily lives quite close. 

Turns out I'm a baby. The doctor told me to calm down my lamas breathing until he'd actually started. Honestly, when he injected my finger 4x at the base I felt extremely uncomfortable. After that it was smooth sailing. Still, going to the doctor is the worst. I told Charles I'd thought about super gluing it. Stellar husband that he is, he hid the super glue. I'd better find it before my next emergency. What if I need it?

And now, how will I ever live this down? Charles already won't let me open cans, since I regularly cut myself on them when rinsing them for our recycle bin. Speaking of the bin, I need to take it out when I get home. Be safe out there, all you knife and can users.

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