Friday, April 25, 2014

The Auction

I've never attended a real auction. You know, a place where they have to sell everything from a home. Last weekend Charles and I attended a luau auction fundraiser for the Boy Scouts. A couple of the items donated were less popular, but at real auctions the auctioneer just keeps picking up stuff and pairing items until people start bidding. I'll remember that for the next auction.

The food was delicious, the dancing was awesome, and the items were pretty cool too. Charles and I donated a couple things from around the house. One such item was an electric bass guitar we could've sold on Ebay, but couldn't be bothered with the hassle. Such is life. It turned out to be one of the highest netting items.

Charles and I animatedly participated in the paddle lift and walked away with a basket of thank you cards created by the young women, a bath salts basket, a couple vases, and a tent. The tent was a surprise. It was in a box at the end of the auction, when everyone was leaving. The auctioneer lifted it up, and we bought it for $10, without even knowing what was inside. 

When we brought it home and opened it up, what we thought was a tarp was actually a tent. It will fit one person...two if you're married or under 12. Score! 

I kept two of the vases and will be selling the other two May 10 & 17 at my sister America's Castro Valley multi-family garage sale. Along with some clothing, cups, and maybe some books, those vases will be moving out of my house, three months before Charles and I do.

My finger is doing alright. I know I cut it to the bone, because that's where it hurts the most when I touch it. Just lightly, to assuage my doubts of how deep the knife got before it stopped. The knuckle's also a little bruised. I like to keep on the gauze because it freaks me out when I'm staring at the stitches in my finger. Also, I hit it quite a lot. Hard. On everything. 

Here's a tip: If you get stitches in your finger, don't use that finger to 1. Start your car 2. Open your front door 3. Kill bugs 4. Clap 5. Hit fiercely on the wall.

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