Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sept 5, 2011 Men are crazy...but not as crazy as...

You´re area looks pretty cool Canute. Much like Grant´s area. Mine is a little different, but also cool. It´s thinking about raining, so it´s not super hot today.

This week we didn´t have water, so we prayed for rain and got it. God always answers our prayers. My comp. got mad at me yesterday b-c I told her she was anti-social. She hung up on our dl three times when he was trying to ask her about the area. So she wouldn´t talk to me. That was pretty miserable. But she is talking to me again, so that´s good. Sisters are crazy. I am glad I will be marrying a man. Who are also crazy, but not as crazy as women.

Today we tried to find some caves, but the kids who guided us last time couldn´t guide us until next week. So next week we´re going again. We just walked a lot. We are getting along with the elders in our district, b-c my comp. is warming up to the elders. That´s such a relief. The trials we have in the mission will give us great rewards later. I surely hope so. Wish we had a beach to walk on.

Thanks for the update. It´s pretty hot here with lots of mosquitos. We try to drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit. My comp. is teaching me how to make delicious meat and not just plain chicken. I told her you would be pleased and that I grew up eating plain meat. So I´m learning some Honduranean tricks. I wrote them down so I don´t forget.

Love, Hna Peterson

P.s. Cuanto mas cambios tiene? Uno o dos?

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