Sunday, September 11, 2011

August 29, 2011...The grossest Thing EVER

So here´s the news for the week. I had a huge worm this week that I
passed. That means I was in serious pain Tues, Wed, Thurs. And now I
just have a stomach ache. The nurses didn´t know what was wrong with
me. Monday we ate some unpasteurized cheese, so I just figured it was
that. I think my worm just didn´t like the cheese. Anyway, the mission
nurses said you usually don´t pass huge pieces of worm like that
unless it´s huge and thus doesn´t have any more room.

So I´m going to look for the parasite meds we take when we go home and
I´m going to take them now. I don´t want to have a serious stomach
ache the rest of my mission and I don´t want it to do any more serious
damage inside of me.

We had zone conference this week and our interviews. Unfortunately, my
parasite was freaking out on Tuesday, our day of interviews, so I was
in agony pretty much all day. I really hope that never happens to me
again. Second, we had a baptism Saturday. Hooray!

We were supposed to have four, but, well, we only had one. But that
happens sometimes. Hope you´re all happy and healthy and choosing the
right. One more change in Poptun with Hna Bernardez and then I´ll be
home for Christmas. And Halloween. Love, Hna Peterson

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