Sunday, September 11, 2011

August 9, 2011 Hna Bernardez is amazing!

Thanks for the week rundown. I really enjoy reading what everyone{s doing even if I can{t be there. This year, next reunion I{m totally going. When{s the next one planned for your side of the family Dad? Sorry everyone threw up...well, little Luke. Sad. But at least you only got fried. My comp. used my sunscreen the other day and I kept being reminded of our reunions. I always put on sunscreen and got fried. And when I didn{t, I got more fried. Here, I don{t even bother anymore. Whatever. We{re always in the sun and I{m still a white person. But maybe I{d be less white if everyone here wasn{t so dark. I want to play those games and build sandcastles with everyone.

Yesterday was Monday, so we went to Santa Elena..2 hours away...then we stayed the night. We saw Tikal, a place of ruins, then we went to Sam{s Burger. It{s a grand play place. So the elders played soccer, pool, and ping pong. We played some too, mostly the table games. We just barely got the rules changed so we can play sports. Our other mission pres. didn{t allow sports besides volleyball.

That means all the basketball and soccer players in the mission were sad every pday. So now they{re all happy. We ate hamburgers. Some elders told me I{m going to have to marry a younger boy when I get home to be a sugar mama, which means an older woman who subsidizes the life of a younger man. But obviously we{d be married, but still funny, b-c I could see that happening.

Kristin Brailsford is engaged and gets married 2 days after I get home from Guatemala. I{m totally going to her sealing in Nauvoo. That{s about all I have planned when I get home. And I{m pretty sure if there{s a Halloween dance I{m there.

My comp Hna Bernardez is amazing. We get along and we work. We have 7 baptisms planned for the next month. So we{re working with those people. The church is true. Love, Hna Peterson

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