Sunday, September 11, 2011

Aug 1, 2011 Let the Sports Begin...

We have four fechas, well three, b-c one just moved to the area of the elders. But I need to have lots of faith to help them to get baptized b-c they all have the desires to get baptized, but not to go to church. That{s not going to happen if they can{t get to church. We have rules you know.

Anyway, our mission pres, Pres. Watts, who knows the new mission pres. in mom and dad{s stake, the Keyes, just revoked the no sports rule. So today we played soccer. I{m not very good, and after 16 months of nothing, my coordination is going to need some looking after. But besides that, we had some good times.

After soccer, we ate hamburgers and drank lemonaid slushies at a food place called the fonda, and bought some home made wheat bread. Amen to that. That{s going to be delicious.

Hna Bernardez and I are getting along really well. 10 more weeks together and I{m going home. So there{s lots to do out here, but we{ve still got some time.

It{s been rainy...and well, I{ve felt the past week like I drank sploosh b-c well, my intake is usually followed pretty fast by outtake. So I have high hopes that ends. Who knows what in the crud is going on with my crazy bod. However, I think I{m probably lactose intolerant and I{ve been eating lots of fruit. So that prob. doesn{t help. But other than that, it{s all good out here. Glad to hear you{ve had some success. You{re the best. Love, Hna Peterson


I{m positive I had Canute b-c I got him something in Germany and gave it to him before and America gave me something before my mission too from Cutco. But I don{t have any idea. Soooooooo I guess I{ll have Christian in another 10 years and I{ll give him something cool. I think Sarah just sent something to Canute b-c he was serving a mission. But whatevs.

Hope you{re having fun making and watching movies. We got a dvd player to show training movies. Very nice. All the elders like to ask to borrow it. But I am not stupid, so it will never leave my house. I don{t think you{re too picky, just keep looking. I don{t think it{s your fault there are only 14 yr olds chasing you. Love, Hna Peterson

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