Sunday, September 11, 2011

August 15, 2011 Braids are da bomb!

Well, I was sad to hear about KS{s corn crop. That{s not good. And well, sorry you lost your camera. I bought a sports jersey of Barcelona for 45 quetzales. That{s like 5 dollars. Very nice. I asked about hammocks and I said I wanted one of an American flag...they will do them with flag designs and I didn{t know what flag you would want. I said if I got a good deal I{d buy two. So if you want a different country{s flag, let me know.

I didn{t know Sarah was expecting, but maybe it{s in one of the other 10 emails I haven{t checked yet. I{m sure she would{ve gotten around to telling me sometime. I figured that news was due..cough cough. But it{s going to be sweet to have some more babies b-c they{re all grown up while I{ve been gone. So good job Deane.

This week was hot. My comp. is amazing. I{ve been eating lots of fruit. My comp{s from Honduras and she{s black. She does braids for me like every day. It{s sweet. I love having my hair in braids. And the best part, I don{t have to do it and my hair doesn{t look ugly every day like before. We{re in week 5 of more change, and then I come home. To see Kristi B. get married. I prob. will work for Fedex from Oct. to Dec, b-c I really don{t have that many other options.

CTR. Keep reading your scriptures. Calculus, never have had any desires to take that class. Love, Hna Peterson

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