Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bathrooms ought to be warm and cozy-

I've always thought this. It's especially apparent in cold bathrooms. Warm bathrooms make you want to stay for a long time. They are cozy and homey. It's nice to be there. Sometimes I don't want to leave.  As a side note, Japan has heated toilet seats all over the place. I liked that about Japan- amongst other things. 

I ate the bones (I know it's terribly juvenile of me, but I really enjoy this series of commercials). Or rather, I had a peanut butter bar last week and didn't die, nor feel much in the field of adverse reactions. Cool. Now I can be better friends with George Washington Carver. We were estranged during my 18 month Guatemala mission. Phew. 

Sorry these photos are so dark. These pictures can be like one of those fancy books where you try to figure out what you're looking at from limited data. Call me Pinterest, but I've tried getting a little more creative with my jewelry problem. The problem is, I have way too much jewelry. 

These trinkets I never wear because they are stored out of sight. Thus, I've tried storing jewelry in my line of sight. Still nothing. Next to my jewelry stands, is one of the reasons they call me "The Wizard". Well, nobody calls me that. Yet. But look at all the books on my desk. I am on my way to crazy town, I'm halfway across the bridge. My one consolation is I'll read them all, fill up my online Goodreads bookshelves, and pass them along. I only have four more books to get through to start the bold 36. 

I have recently confirmed with friends that everybody loves lists. I love lists. They make me feel camaraderie with others who see the lists and make them. They group my ideas and opinions with others'. Lists are important and I sometimes just like to make them. 

Delicious drinks
1. Banana milk
2. Chocolate milk
3. Grapefruit juice
3.5. Raspberry lemonade 
4. Tomato juice
5. Water

And now, a poem: 

Banana drink, you make me oozy. 
I think chocolate milk and you are cousins.
Grapefruit juice looks like a floozy.
Raspberry lemonade brings out the buzzins.
Tomato juice is better warm.
Water is good.
Some of these are old people drinks.
It's not a drink, but I like pud-ding.
Ice is too cold for my mouth methinks.

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