Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Frogs most definitely live in trees

Can you call a lawn mower a time machine? I'm growing a radish. On my face. In a world crisis, I would be in luck. As I am now, not in world crisis, not in luck. Out with the new radish planter. Not cool.

My roomie is engaged. I was therefore thinking about wedding announcements and fancy ways to announce you are getting married. I decided a good way to declare your event would be to say, instead of your parents, Chuck Norris is announcing your nuptuals. Could there be any better way? I submit that there could not. 

Candy. I have lots of gross candy sitting on my desk at work. How do I get all this gross candy? People give it to me. I do not buy it. Nor do I buy poor people candy..often. Greg would say the following are poor people candy: circus peanuts, chocolate covered cherries, andes mints, and other candies I can't remember. So I have: a ring pop, suckers, m&ms, and nabisco honey made snacks = a very strange compilation. 

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