Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Truth about Pockets

I shot a gun this weekend. Turns out if I had a gun, someone was breaking in to kill me in my house, and I had a full clip already in the gun, I might be able to nick his shoulder or the tip of his leg. All the instruction and positive reinforcement was really nice though. With some practice I could be a real whiz at the gun.

It was an Appleseed revolutionary war memorial weekend. We only shot guns Saturday, not the full weekend including Sunday. I learned 100% more information than I already knew about shooting a gun. It was a 22 rifle...I shot a pistol the night before our event. 

Turns out pistols have some crazy kick, are louder, and are harder to load than rifles. Good to know. I also better understand the positions taken by snipers and more fully appreciate their skills. 

This is a picture of a couple girls and me in front of a flag pole. We did a No Fear run in memory of the bombing at the Boston marathon. It was like 2.56 miles or 1/8 of a marathon. Whatever the actual number for that is. I walked it, some people ran or jogged it. We did it for FHE so I just walked and talked. I love talking. 

I finished the 4th Wheel of Time Book. Now on to the fifth. I didn't know how fast I would get through those books on tape. Maybe I should finish The Karamazov Brothers on cd. Ha. 

I have an icepack on my foot again. It's a little swollen. I don't know if I told you, but about 2 weeks ago I got kicked in the foot on Wednesday night soccer. It was a great interception play, but I'm still paying for it. I can still run ok, but am really nervous playing soccer these days. I have a race to run for work in three weeks and don't want to be injured for it. I'll be running about 16 miles in two days time. 

Yesterday we played some indoor soccer. Not only did I shy away from the ball at all points of the game, I was nervous to even kick it. That makes playing soccer more difficult. Luckily, I had a great support system there and everyone was really nice about my inability to make contact with the ball in any productive ways. Thanks guys! To end this story, I declare the ice on my foot is due to an injury I received from twisting my foot weirdly last night in a play. Boo. 

I've been breaking out a lot on my face this week. Not awesome. I like this picture, it's nice and small so you can't see the fungal welts on my face. Anyway, I'd like to add, I'm grateful I don't have to shave my face every day. That would be terrible. No, but seriously, I know some people that have to.

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