Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ode to Candy

During the blitzkrieg, I mentioned, but not to full justice, Chris and Andy. 

Chris is a great guy. I've known him a long time but had never really talked to him until the blitzkrieg. Our date included, but was not limited to, after church fajitas, jokes, and talking. We talked in english for a while and he is a hilarious guy. We sat inside, we sat outside. He talked, I talked. It was a lovely experience. 

Andy came with me to my sister's and we played some games. Andy likes to hug. He often tells me how great I am and expresses his appreciation for me. He is currently serving a service mission for the church. That means he gets lots of time in the temple, helping people, and actively bringing others to Christ. He is an excellent example to me. 

Thank you Andy and Chris. For being great dates. 

Ok, listen here. I watched the first episode for Ready for Love. It will be an interesting step-show to the Bachelor. There seemed to be some good ideas, but in the first episode there were lots of people and things going on. I hope they figure it out as they go, since it looks like it could go someplace. 

My sister Sarah agrees. She has similar taste in shows as me. I like hearing her suggestions for tv, movies, and books. We are entertained by the same things. I love my sister. I have lots of lovely friends and family. I'm pretty lucky. Happy Sibling Day yesterday to my sibs and pseudosibs. 

As a final note, I would like to write a poem to candy. The real sugar stuff. 

Candy I like you.
I would totally bike you.
Hopefully it would not be hot.
If it were, you would melt into a puddle spot. 
You would still be delicious and sticky.
My fingers and face would get totally icky.
I would need a wipe.
Or my face would look totally ripe.
Charles, Kermit wants his voice back.
Now, to get back on track,
Chocolate is the best kind of candy.
Rich chocolate eating away home grown enamel.
Either way, I would never feed it to a camel.
Much too good for children.
Much too good for Mildred(sorry Grandma).
It's just too bad, because I likey.

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