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Nov 1, 2010

Oh, but for Christmas, I think the sooner the better for you to send whatever you like. Nothing with peanuts or made in a factory with peanuts or nuts. Almond factory stuff is ok. Clothes, if you can find something really cute, would be nice.

I don´t know, a letter in the package..would be nice. Maybe some more music, if you have it. Or Christian could burn it. Classical, motab, little kids in our family singing, whatever. Pictures are always nice. Love. Lots of love. Thanks! You´re the best mom ever!

On Mon, Nov 1, 2010 at 4:28 PM, Merilee Enid Peterson wrote:

There is no and.

Christian lost his email? That explains it. I sent a huge mound of awesome emails to Christian about two or three weeks ago and you said you hadn´t heard anything. I guess that answers that question.

I don´t play hymns in church, but I can lead...and that´s all you need if you have a voice to help others sing. So I do that.Sorry you lost your first email. That´s lame.

The news, about a month ago, we stopped by the house of an inactive man who has problems with the word of wisdom. It was 6 pm and Monday. We knocked on the gate and he walked outside without any pants on. Just a tshirt and underwear. So he said, ¨Hello, come in.¨And I said, ¨Where are your pants?¨ and he said, Ï´m wearing them.¨As he looked down, at his pantslessness. So I said, ¨Nope, you´re not wearing any pants.¨ So he said ¨Come in, come is, as he walked back inside to put on pants.

Needless to say, we decided to visit another day. In the middle of the day. Since then, he´s also stopped smoking and drinking. We hope so.

This week we have two baptisms. That will be nice. Since that´s our purpose here on the mission.

We knock a lot of doors and talk to a lot of people. We know a lot of people here in Los Olivos who like waving to us, but don´t want to hear our message. It´s a pretty closed off world here, like living in the US. It´s Guate though.

Guatemala is apparently a very dangerous place to live. I hear a lot of stories about people being killed, robbed, and-or extorted. Not cool. So hopefully I can stay free from any such things. But we have two new people in our ward b-c of extortion in their other ward. And we need to be careful about who we talk to. Also heard there may be a man in the mafia in our ward. I sure hope not, b-c their family is really cool.

So we are trying to work hard and bear pure testimony. We eat lots for breakfast and I hate breakfast. I´ve decided. But when I told my comp, she got offended. So I try and eat everything she puts in front of me. She tells people all the things I do she doesn´t like, so I feel frustrated sometimes.

I want to throw up in the morning with all the food we eat. Ugh. I also realized people here love grease, sugar and salt. And my comp. won´t eat salt if it isn´t put in the food before it´s cooked. And she puts in a TON. So I am trying really hard to be a good girl and eat everything, but it´s hard for me.

But we´re trying to find people to teach.

Canute, My comp had a sickness like that Tuesday, so we only worked 4 hours on Tuesday, but we still knocked a lot of doors and had some lessons, so the whole day wasn´t wasted. We didn´t do anything for Halloween yesterday...but before yesterday we decorated with pumpkins and bats around our house. So that was cool.

This week we also walked around a lot. Today is Ferriado..or the day of the dead or some such thing. So there are tons of people at the cemetary and walking there with flowers.

We haven´t had many lessons, but we have two baptisms this week. One is a 9 yr old whose dad was baptized in Feb. and the other is Sunday. He´s a cool, little Guatemalan old guy. His name is Martin Salguerra. Very friendly.

I need to cut my hair and my nails. My nails b-c they´re not strong and they keep breaking off in layers. I don´t know what that means for my overall health, but so it is. And my hair´s looking scraggly. I think that´s some kind of sign I need a haircut. Maybe I should wait a couple months and then see how it fares.

Los Olivos is a great place to live. We have transfers next Wednesday and find out next Monday night if they happen. A change would be nice, my comp. is crazy. But we get along most of the time. So if there´s no change, I guess another 6 weeks won´t kill me.

The church is true. Love, Hna Peterson

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