Friday, November 26, 2010

October 19, 2010

Dad and Bonnie. Thanks for the news. I love you. I am really glad to hear from you both. Only have one minute to respond, but Bonnie, age isn´t everything. Glad you´re getting out and asked out. Dad, you work those kids to the max with fun and interest! Love, Hna Peterson

Thanks mom. I am glad you are finally done with your scouting, it doesn´t sound like it was much fun. Even though boys love to camp. Sometimes the memories are more fun than the actual camping.

I have been juicing up my water with those little packets. Thanks. I am looking forward to the next, whenever it may come. I think a little mini Christmas tree would be fun. Hna G and I cut out tissue paper pumpkins and bats to paste around our house. It´s very festive right now and we hope to do the same for Christmas. I know, it´s a long time away. But we have been hearing a lot that Pres. doesn´t want to change up many companionships, so we´re not expecting a change until after Christmas, but of course, we go where the Lord sends us. You´re the greatest mom ever! I love you so much! Love, Hna Peterson

Yeah, I had two. My first I just sent home. And the second, I kept.

The thing is, I just found out my mail has been held for three months in the office. They just changed all the office elders and they hadn´t sent anything. So at our zone conference, I saw two of the elders in my mtc district and one is currently in the office. He said I had a mountain of mail to be mailed out. Great. So that and the cd I just sent with all my pictures should be coming your way about now. I hope.

Yesterday I ate a fruit called Granaria. It´s like a brain inside of an orange peel, shaped like a little squash. It was tart and partly good, partly nasty. I don´t think I´ll eat many more of those. But it was a good experience overall. The lady who gave them to us, along with some eggs, attacked me during our lesson. She said lots of missionaries had visited her, but she was cemented in her beliefs. So when I testified to her, she basically told me I was wrong and attacked me with words. Not Hna G. I don´t know why.

Maybe b-c I asked a question about Halloween and she said it was Satan´s holiday. So maybe I won´t mention it to anyone else. Mostly, I was thinking about our pumpkin and bat tissue paper decorations and couldn´t think of any way to get her off my back. It didn´t work. She was crazy. We will not be visiting again anytime soon, even though she was downright amiable after the closing prayer. B-c she was crazy.

At the house of a member we are reactivating, with the help of the Spirit, we ate´s fried platano covered with chile chocolate and sesame seeds. Kind of strange, but in a good way. Also, we had tamales. i like tamales. A lot. They are nice to eat. We are finding people to teach little by little.

Sometimes, when we set baptismal dates for people they disappear off the face of the planet. We don´t know how or why, but it has happened to us at least twice. Lamesauce.

I had the worst dream of all time last night. I dreamt Kristi Brailsford and one of our menos activos died. Kristi was engaged to be married in the first part of my dream. I just remember crying and crying. I couldn´t go to the funerals b-c I was on the mission. The one comfort was Sarah was there, on the mission with me, trying to comfort me. I woke up crying. At three in the morning. It was terrrible. We woke up at 4 to go to the temple with our zone. We had a pday change for our temple excursion. I forgot to remove a black slip under my whites and remembered right as the session was ready to begin. Oops. Lucky the temple is small and I ran back and took it off. And I stayed awake the whole time. For the win! Yes!

So overall, it was a good week, minus my bad dream. But yeah, we knock lots of doors. And it´s getting cooler, but not raining every day like it did in September. Thanks for the love and prayers! Love, Hna Peterson

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