Friday, November 26, 2010

Week 42

This week at church we had the primary program. It was really spiritual and I couldn´t hold back the tears. Big surprise. The simple testimony of children touched my heart and I wished everyone we teach could feel the same way about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This week is America´s birthday. Happy Birthday America! I might dress up the Sunday after your birthday. Maybe. We´ll see. This week was hot. I need to drink more water and eat more fruit.

We taught a lot of lessons this week. The best part was we taught a lady named Erica yesterday. I really think she wants to know the truth about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Her mom and husband died 11 years ago. I know we say this a lot here, but I think she´s ready. I hope so.

We meet a lot of people that are ready to know the truth. But it´s hard to help them progress. Probably everyone who´s served a mission knows what I´m talking about. Commitments are important.

Help the missionaries by going to teach lessons with them. That really helps. Love you!

Today was kind of a frustrating pday. First, we were told the wrong church building to play volleyball, so we missed zone volleyball. Lame, then we got stuck in traffic, b-c they stopped all traffic to tear up the road. There were tons of cars and it was the middle of the day when they decided to do it. Lame. Then, none of the elders were at the big wal'mart store here...b-c they were playing volleyball. Last, the machines at the register at the store didn´t work for 30 minutes, so waited for that. Ugh.

We taught some lessons to an 8 yr old in our ward getting baptized. We asked how often you should pray and she said, Sin cuenta, which means without number. We thought she said, Cincuenta. Which is 50. So my comp. said, yeah, 100, 50, 10000. She cleared it up, but it was really funny.

Hna G. is really cool, but she´s kind of paranoid about our zone leaders. And all elders in general. It´s weird and a pain. She also commanded me not to speak in english to anyone b-c she´s paranoid we´re saying stuff about her or us. Lame. It´s going to be a long change. It´s only with other missionaries, other times she´s just crazy for a couple minutes. I also ran into a tree this week. That happens sometimes.

I´ve also started hitting my comp. when she startles me b-c she does it a lot and there´s no other way to stop her from doing it countless times in a day.. So yeah, that´s how I´m maturing out here. The church is true. Conference was awesome. Love, Hna Peterson

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