Friday, November 26, 2010

October 26, 2010

I bought bananas today. I will try to eat healthier. B-c I eat a lot of sugar and my legs are getting fatter. I need a haircut. Bonnie, I was really interested to read this email again. B-c I skimmed it last week. Sounds like you are being as social as Grant. Kudos. I will be jealous of your good times today, but tomorrow...I will call others to the gospel of Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit and then you will be jealous.

Very cool. I want to play that pool table game. We played pool today. It was fun. It would have been more fun, but our ZLs told me I had a letter, and then they told me they lied. So I didn´t have a letter. Then they said I had a letter. Then that I didn´t have one. I don´t like being lied to. I don´t like people playing with my emotions. So I was mad for the hour we played pool. They felt bad. Good. I felt bad first. Because they lied to me. About mail. Not cool.

So pool was unsuccessful, b-c I apparently can´t play mad. Good job, reading is important. I can´t wait to see Inception and Iron Man two. I want to. In September I will watch those movies. I may or may not dress up for Halloween.

Yesterday I killed 5 roaches, it was a warm night. When it´s cooler outside, there are less roaches in our house. I straightened my hair today. I need a haircut looks like. B-c it should have looked spectacular and it just looked so so. Yay for delicious desserts and fun times with people we love! Love you!

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