Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nov 22, 2010-

"Merilee Enid Peterson"
It{s going well. Yesterday was awkward, funny you mentioned kissing, b-c all three of my awkwardnesses had to do with kissing. First off, did the cheek kiss and casi kissed the investigator full on the mouth. Awkward. She was lying down, that{s my excuse..but it was awkward to leave, b-c I didn{t even graze her cheek b-c I was nervous for another awkward almost kiss. Which made it all the more awkward, b-c if you don{t graze their cheek, it didn{t really happen. Awkward. Also, my comp and I were leaving a new member and her husband just got home. She-s 18, and we both turned around, just as she was greeting him with a kiss and my comp. said we were shuka for watching. I thought she{d wave goodbye to us. Guess not. Also, the third awkwardness, was on the way home, we contacted a couple and found out the lady was working in our community, so I offered to walk her home..but her boyfriend said no. It was super awkward, b-c it occurred to me afterwards, that they prob. wanted to kiss and our walking her home would completely foil their plans. So we laughed about those awkwardnesses on the way home.

It{s getting a little harder to find people. My clothes are all hideous to me. It{s getting a little cooler outside. I have a new comp, Hna Cabrera, but I{m back in my first area of Coban again. We had a really cool combined priesthood and relief society where we asked for references and got them. I love the members. I cried. Of course. Pure chillona. Love you! Love, Hna Peterson

On Mon, Nov 22, 2010

Yeah I{m good. I{m back in my first area, Coban. I{m taking bucket showers every day..but at least they{re warm bucket showers. I also got a haircut...but it{s really short. It{s about the length of Bonnie{s and Sarah{s right now. Yay for sister triplets. Anyway, it was a ward member named Mary and I told her I didn{t want layers anymore. So she cut all my layers off. All of them. Wow. But maybe in a year I{ll have it a little longer. But I got it cut straight into the awkward stages. Now I remember why my hair was long for such a long time. B-c I feel like an ugly missionary now. Or a boy, but really, it{s not so bad.

Grant, I'm glad you have plans for Thanksgiving. I don{t get to celebrate, b-c nobody celebrates here, but I{m sure it{s going to rock. Thanksgiving. Well, I{m thankful to be a missionary. I{m thankful to be in Guatemala and for the opportunity to learn spanish and have all the lessons I{m learning from each of my companions and how to be a fun and not a crazy girl. I{m thankful for our ward members. I{m thankful for my family. I{m thankful for internet. I{m thankful for the warmth of November here, b-c the weather here is supremely awesome. I{m thankful that hair grows.

B-c I got a haircut and it{s really short. I wanted it about shoulder length, b-c my layers were looking weird and unhealthy. So she cut them all off. All my hair. Gone. I look like a man. Bless the elder who told me he really liked my haircut b-c I was feeling fugly today. Which is why I haven{t had short hair since my sophomore year in college, b-c it makes me feel ugly every day. I currently have a triangle head and it{s going to grow out and be beautiful. I{ve decided. Right now it doesn{t matter what my hair looks like, b-c I{m a missionary, but now I{m an ugly missionary.

Cool picture. Why does your neck look weird? What did you photoshop it for? Han Solo{s my favorite. Luke{s a pansy. Not our nephew. Tell the relatives hey for me. And please eat some carameled apples for me, b-c they don{t have caramel here I{m pretty sure. You{re the best. Love, Hna Peterson

However, nobody{s looking down here in Guate, so I{ll have plenty of time to not do my hair and look like a manly missionary until I get home. My comp{s great. Her name{s Hna Cabrera and she{s super. We{ve been visiting a lot of our numbers are a little low this week, but we had a ton with members, which was perfecto. Also, we{re eating supremely b-c she knows how to cook and likes to, so I{m gonna get chubby.

It also doesn{t feel like Christmas yet, but we decided to do secret santas for Christmas, the month of December. So I{ve wrapped little gifts for her for December and it{s going to rock. I would put some pictures on here, but this computer won{t read my camera{s memory card, so it{s not possible. Maybe when I get home you can see it. Or I{ll try to figure something out to get pictures to MO. Glad to hear you cleaned up the playroom. I got my Halloween card. Thank you! I enjoyed reading all the little notes. Keep pushing the little boys and Dad to write little notes. Then I{ll be more driven to write them on their missions. Or maybe I{ll just write them one liners. It would serve them right.

In a Christmas package.. hmm. Mostly, if you want to put in some more dove chocolate...and other chocolate that is delicious but doesn{t have nuts and wasn{t made in a factory with nuts I will be pleased. And my comp. will be pleased, b-c she loves chocolate. We{re eating that nutella and it{s delicious. My clothes get uglier every day, but hopefully I will be able to make do until September, b-c seriously, I do not want to enter a store here with Hna Cabrera. She loves clothes shopping and I don{t want to give her any false hopes. B-c I do not like shopping. You know this.

Hna Cabrera loves pink, stuffed animals, clothes, and la obra misional. Which is supreme. I{ve realized here, I{m not a super freak for pink, but a lot of latins are. Lots of birthday parties happened this week and we tried making cards for people and the elders made little microwave cakes. Did you know you can make a full cake in the microwave? It{s super easy. You just put it in the microwave in the bowl you mixed it in..pref. plastic, and you have a cake. Very new idea I never thought of before. You{re the best Mom! Love you! Hna Peterson

You{re the best, brother. The fast worked, and now I{m with super model Hna Cabrera. She{s a wonderful companion and I think we{re going to have a super change. I made orange juice this morning. I blended a bunch of oranges in the blender whole. Kind of nasty. Next time it{s her turn and she will probably squeeze them. I was too lazy and we had a smoothie. Not the best idea. But maybe next time we{ll have yogurt and bananas and it will be delicious. And I will take out the seeds. With seeds was also kind of gross.

I{m glad you went to the wedding reception with Bonnie and are spending time with our relations. I wish I would{ve spent more time with them in Utah, but most of the years I didn{t have a car, and when I had a car, I lived in Heber. So that was a little further. It doesn{t really feel like Christmastime here. It feels like July. It feels like July b-c the kids have their school vacation right now, so the kids are in the streets all day and it{s still pretty warm. Cooler, but still relatively warm..For November. Hopefully we{ll keep away from the rain and have a supremely fantastic summer- Christmas break.

You{re great. Hope you CTR and continue sitting on the other couch. Love, Hna Peterson

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