Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sept 11, 2010-Dodgeball in Guat

thanks for all the news. The caps on this computer don´t work on one that´s the cap. dilemma. I read about Lily´s funeral and cried. How sad. I hope they´re doing ok. I fasted for them sunday.

I got your package. Thanks mom. I´ve worn the shorts and shared some the of the dove chocolates. thank goodness they didn´t have any peanut whatever..and the nutella I can eat. Woot. And the bug spray and sunblock I will use. I should´ve used the bug spray last night and the sunblock today. Oops.

We practiced a song and played dodgeball. I played, my comp. It wasn´t so bad, nobody wants to peg a sister, so they usually just caught the balls I threw to get me out. And we´re singing for our zone conference wednesday. We´re the only sisters in our zone.

thanks for the prayers. i´m using them.

This week was great. We did a lot of stuff. Mostly we walked. And talked. And I´m trying to be good. Sorry I don´t have much to say this week. Everyone was fully clothed and talked to us in a civil tongue. We visited a lot of members this week and are trying not to be too friendly with them because that takes a lot of our finding time away from us.

I´m trying to be a good girl and not hit my comp. But you can only do so much. We ate pretty healthily this week. We bought fruit today and platanos. Woot. I can´t wait to eat carameled apples next year.

Thanks for the package mom. It was really nice to receive some love from home. Everyone else, thank you so much for writing me. I really appreciate it. Getting mail and emails helps me feel the love of everyone here in Guatemala, where I am sometimes frustrated. But I know I only have another year to serve, and then who knows. Then I have to figure something else.

Thanks for the thoughts and the patience advice. I´m trying to be like Jesus. I´ll try to have the desire to take more pictures and I´ll try sending this disk home. Apparently a lot of stuff gets robbed from the mail. Maybe I´ll just try to attach more pictures. Love you all so much! Love, Hna Peterson

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