Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nov 15, 2010 Back to the jungle

Wow, thanks for your enlightening and uplifting letter Dad. I{m glad you{re finding creative ways to inspire the students in your classes and in your school. The ideas sound very effective.

This week we had changes. The Lord loves me. He sent me back to Coban, my first area. So I know most of the people in the ward, at least by sight, and I know the streets, etc. So it{s a little easier in this case. Very cool. I{m comps with Hna Cabrera. She{s my height and from El Salvador and very chill. I believe this change is going to be a little easier and going to seriously rock.

We ate at a member{s house this week, and Hna Cabrera didn{t want to eat anymore of the delicious salad they one of the boys put more on her plate. It was really funny. The water flooded the house, and sometimes doesn{t that{s kind of a pain. I{m in exactly the same house as before. Our fridge is also actively trying to be a freezer, so everything in our fridge is frozen solid. We may have to turn it off. I{m not sure what other options we have.

We had an awesome visit with our bishop yesterday and have two birthday parties this week. Very nice Coban. I{m also getting a haircut tonight. Cross your fingers for me. One never knows how a haircut will turn out, but my ends are needing a good trim. Canute, congrats on the abs of steel. Keep at it. I will try to match your abs...but don{t count on it.

I{m very pleased to have this change. I was going crazy with Hna G. But I love her. The church is true. Be good.

Happy Birthday MOM! I hope the little boys read what Canute said b-c I totally agree. Teenagers. Pah. Sorry you had to be moved suddenly from your spot, but it{s probably better this way. Now you can teach kids who are under control of themselves. Way better.

There was a bassoon in your primary program? Very cool. I think our primary program in Coban is in two weeks. Very nice to see another one, b-c I love the primary programs. And it had been a while since I{d seen one before my mission, so it{s going to be great to see another one.

Jealous of the cake. My comp and I made a cake for our ward mission leader in our microwave. It took about 10 minutes in a mixing bowl. And surprisingly enough, turned out like an oven cake. Very weird to know a person doesn{t need an oven, just a microwave to cook stuff like that. But I guess that{s why it{s named a microwave oven. Not just used to reheat, but also to actually cook things. Nice.

The church is true. I hope your birthday is magnificent. I didn{t receive my Halloween card yet. Love you, Hna Peter

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